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On these pages you will find information, programs, images, and other material created by me (sometimes in companionship with fellow students).

I used to maintain the web page of Dansk Spækhuggerklub (in danish).

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As you might have guessed my name is Mogens Isager. I completed my master of science in CS&EE at Technical University of Denmark in September 2000.

Since then I have been working as an IC designer at Oticon and lately at Merus Audio.

Oticon develops and produces hearing instruments to help people with hearing losses. When not at work there is a good chance that I am at home spending some time with my lovely wife Gitte and daughters Tilde and Alberte.

In case you need to send me something by snail mail here's my address:

Mogens Isager
Klinthøj Allé 10
3500 Værløse


X-trainer CSV to TCX - small web-app for converting CSV workout data files from X-trainer Studio to TCX. Lots of interesting Javascript features in use: XMLHttpRequest, XML DOM manipulation, FileReader API, XMLSerializer API, Blob API, Object URLs etc.

LEF View - a Firefox extension that utilizes SVG for displaying the contents of a LEF file. LEF is a standard format used in the EDA industry, which decribes the physical aspects of a library cell.

Byens Puls in HTML, SVG, and Javascript - Recreate Byens Puls using the open web allowing it to run without plugins. It even works on the iPhone/iPod touch and in Opera Mobile. (page is in danish)

Geolocation for DMI's Byvejr - Allows you to easily go to the weather forecast for your postal code. Using HTML5 or Google Gears geolocation API and reverse geocoding in the Google Maps API. Tested in Firefox, Chrome, and Mobile Safari (iPhone).

MiniMIPS design project where we are designing a 16 bit MIPS CPU using VHDL. For this purpose I have written a simple assembler for the reduced MIPS instruction set in Java.

An alpha version of my Conway's Life Java applet and the source is here, too.

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